Collection: Blackheart Sassafras

(Atherosperma moschatum)

Alternate Names: Sassafras 
Origin: Australia (Tasmania)  
Density: 490 kg/m³  

- Colour: Light to dark brown with distinctive black heartwood streaks  
- Grain: Straight to wavy grain with occasional fiddleback figure  
- Character: Medium texture with unique colour variations  
- Furniture making  
- Cabinetry  
- Flooring  
- Joinery  
- Musical instruments  

Collapsible content

  • Rough sawn

    Dimensions Available:  
    25mm 38mm 50mm


  • Dressed Boards

  • Slabs

Below is a small selection of Blackheart Sassafras made available for purchase online, we have a much larger selection available instore in over 40 species, please call us to discuss your requirements on 0410 797 891 .