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LuciClear 2:1 Casting Resin 2 Part Kit

LuciClear 2:1 Casting Resin 2 Part Kit

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LuciClear Casting Resin is a 2:1 Epoxy Casting Resin which is ultra clear.  It can do deep bubble free castings, all without using a vacuum chamber or difficult special techniques*.  Castings can be done in ambient temperatures from 15ºC to 30ºC without the need for airconditioning.  The LuciClear Casting Resin formulation includes UV stabilisers to provide resistance to UV degradation.

LuciClear Casting Resin utilizes the latest developments in casting resin technology to provide results comparable with the best in the world.

LuciClear Casting Resin is ideal for River Tables, Castings, Embedment's and specimen preservation. 

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